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Sustainable activities within the teambuilding

Some concepts such as sustainability and solidarity have special relevance today. Caring for the planet has become one of the most prominent concerns, so many companies are involved in improving their services to make them more respectful of the environment, and in the activities of teambuilding could not be less. That is why we have added more sustainable activities to our catalog, with a social responsibility burden.

As you know, teambuilding activities work to improve teamwork, but if we also add the sustainable ingredient and social responsibility, the rewarding feeling multiplies considerably.

In the Canary Islands there are many sustainable activities that we can do outdoors. We have a privileged environment that, unfortunately, is not exempt from suffering the consequences of climate change or the increase of microplastics on beaches due to sea currents.

What sustainable activities do we offer in TeamFactory?

Depending on the group and its needs we can offer one or the other alternatives. Beach cleaning, sustainable trekking, forest cleaning, reforestation, elimination of invasive species and much more.

In TeamFactory we design the activities for each specific group depending on their size, available time, needs and objectives. We have many years of experience in the sector and that allows us to adjust to your needs.

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