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Automotive Events

In Teamfactory we have experience in events related to automation and the presentation of new vehicle models. We give support to companies that want to come to the Canary Islands to carry out the presentation campaign or any other promotional work (spot filming, filming, etc.)

What can we offer from Teamfactory?

• We support and support companies to carry out the integral organization of the event.

• We look for spectacular locations that adapt to the needs of the brand.

• We search and manage the necessary suppliers to carry out the event.

• We manage permits and relevant documentation in regional institutions

Why choose the Canary Islands?

In the Canary Islands we have countless spectacular varied locations that become the perfect setting for this type of event. Desert landscapes, tropical, sea or even lush forests … All this collected in a small space, easily accessible and with all the comforts at our fingertips. The good temperature makes it the ideal place to carry out this type of event on any date, which also facilitates production. On the islands we have all the necessary suppliers to build the perfect event.

The Teamfactory Experience

In Teamfactory we have collaborated with different automotive brands for the presentations of your vehicle. In recent years we have worked side by side with Honda, McLaren, Seat or Porsche.


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